Enjoy Luxury Hotel Towels at Home (Legally)

Tempted by Towels

Many a person has succumbed to the temptation to bring soft hotel towels home with them after a vacation. Such high numbers of them went missing each year that hotels starting charging the customer’s credit card for any towels that were unaccounted for after they checked out-usually to the tune of about $50 a towel! That’s a hefty price to pay for fine quality soft luxury hotel towels and that doesn’t even cover the guilt of becoming a petty thief! Fortunately you can indulge your senses with high quality hotel towels without becoming a thief or paying an exorbitant price. You can purchase your own high quality soft luxury hotel towels online and wrap yourself in luxury every day at home.

Luxury Hotel Towels Help Create a Refuge from the World

Your home can be a refuge from the world; a place where you are truly comfortable and pampered. Small details, such as top quality soft luxury hotel towels can make the little moments in life feel more special. In addition to adding luxury hotel quality towels to your bathroom, you might consider including other small details like fancy scented hand soaps in a pretty crystal soap dish and maybe even a vase of fresh flowers in the bathroom. Take a decorating tip from the top luxury hotels as well; fold and roll your fancy soft luxury hotel towels, in the hand towel size, and place them in a pretty basket on the bathroom countertop (you could place them of the back of the toilet if the countertop is not big enough). By choosing quality hotel towels in colors that compliment your bathroom you will turn the towels into a design element of the room that is also quite functional.

Life is Short-Live it Fully

The older you get the faster life seems to fly by. The relationships you have with family and friends and the way you treat people during this life are the only things you take with you when you leave. Taking the time to pamper yourself and make your home a pleasant place to be helps you feel better about yourself and has a dramatic impact on the way you treat others. If a small thing like creating a luxurious bathroom oasis with soft luxury hotel towel can make your life happier, why not indulge in some (by buying them online and not taking them home from vacation, of course)?